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Heyyyyy 2019

Wow. 2019. Wow Slow down! Don't you say? *Disclaimer* This was not proof read, nor was proper punctuation used. Thanks. I'm enjoying my new office space so much!! Besides the slight Hernia (Yeah, I'm a insurance claim waiting to happen) I'm trying to sew anyway! Right into the NEW year with a bang! Ha! •So, BBB is launching a Collection soon for Spring | Summer | 2019 And couldn't be more ecstatic! If the snow would slow its mood swings I might be able to get a few photoshoots in! I'll share, once finished! I have two Coolaborations int he meantime with Photos, planning on gettin some pics for the Spring/Summer Collection out! The hardest thing for me is waiting. So, I've had...

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Battle Born Beekinis

Hello, I am the proud Owner/Designer of Battle Born Beekinis!! I Started my business with Zozobee Flexwear which specializes is fitness attire and Competition Bikinis! :WE started this page to build a reputation & clientele in the Battle Born area! We have tons of Amazing lakes, rivers, streams & waterfalls! We capture the true essence of eNVy- ing our surrounding nature and outdoorsy side! Bee one with the bees & nature or just eNVy our Beekinis!:Please enjoy the humor on this page as we are a little more laid back over here! We are pretty chill & stick to our beeswax, which is making BEEutifully hand crafted & functional BEEkinis (swimwear for all sizes)!:THANKS FOR BEELIEVING IN US! CHECK OUT @zozobeeflexwearGiveaway on...

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