2019 Sponsored Athlete Search!


SO, yeah I did a thing..it's called going over board!

Each year Zozobee Flexwear picks sponsored athletes.

Each year has proven its triumphs and struggles, rules change. Athletes change, my business changes...etc. Last year I chose 7 Athletes over the period of 1 year! I though it was a lot, and it was...However chose to stick with that number and do 2 seasons! The reasoning behind it was that some Athletes didn't plan a show till the fall and all Spring/Summer it was hard to involve them in the team or photoshoots etc. Having split them up, these girls should be already cycling and starting to cut! So in return, I technically have DOUBLE the Athletes this year! OMG! That though give YOU the competitor a better chance at being on the team! It also allows me the designer to meet new girls and engage in the business, stay in the loop with the shows better and overall put my best suit forward at all times!

Rules for Athletes changed this year as issues have arises in the past. I hate...being the bad guy. HOWEVER, y'all I am Valuable, Worthy and growing a business! I have mouths to feed plus mine ( and I love food), I would love to provide for my family the way my husband has provided for me! I absolutely LOVE my job, I love working my own schedule and creating beautiful suits for my Athletes! BUT there comes a time where it wont be fun or worth it, if I always get walked on.  So, rules had to change this year, and rules are made because someone didn't respect them in the first place...Right? I just want to give awareness to the case if you plan to be an Athlete in the future. Because knowledge is power and the more you know the better you can prepare!

Now, with that! I am so happy ( like I cry happy tears) at the Athlete responses this year. It doubled in submissions form last year, and for me that is HUGE! I work day and night in this business, and when you finally see a return... you know something is working, it's a blessing! THANK YOU ALL!!

Click here to see 2019 Athletes!

I chose Athletes this year purely based off past shows. That's 100% Honest. Like I said each year I try something NEW. And that was my change- I will never know what works if I don't try....(Same to you!)

So that means I did not choose anyone who has not competed in the past. It helps when an Athletes knows what to expect and see if they even like the sport. I understand prices and budget, however if you cant afford the sport don't try to get by with sponsors. For branding and giving highly discounted suits awat, I cant take the hit with a new athlete at this time. Granted, I have in the past given multiple girls chances, free suits and have blessed them with opportunities beyond measure and in return I expect the same. In the past, my Athletes post pictures of them selves with or with out product and continue to post over their prep. This allows both parties to engage with our fans, help others in the sport and teach people about the health and fitness industry!

This year my motto is to not lower my standards personally, but to not expect people to know my expectations. When I expect something out of someone and it does not pan out its frustrating. However, they can't read my mind ( I mean my hubby says he can sometimes, if it involves chocolate) and I can't read theirs! So opening up and communication is vital, especially when it comes to your Suit! No matter if you're an Athlete or paying client. Don't be offended and I wont take it personally. I need to know what you do and do not like! Then we can work fluently together! I am excited to meet each girl this year and hear about each journey!


Thank you! Kytanna