Heyyyyy 2019

Wow. 2019. Wow Slow down! Don't you say?

*Disclaimer* This was not proof read, nor was proper punctuation used. Thanks.

I'm enjoying my new office space so much!! Besides the slight Hernia (Yeah, I'm a insurance claim waiting to happen) I'm trying to sew anyway! Right into the NEW year with a bang! Ha!

•So, BBB is launching a Collection soon for Spring | Summer | 2019 And couldn't be more ecstatic! If the snow would slow its mood swings I might be able to get a few photoshoots in! I'll share, once finished! I have two Coolaborations int he meantime with Photos, planning on gettin some pics for the Spring/Summer Collection out! The hardest thing for me is waiting. So, I've had this idea for a while for this collection. But have never been able stick to it. So 2019 is the year!

I love design so I just want to do it all! This year during the launches, this is all you can purchase for regular swimwear! (Of course besides what's already in stock from over sewing random pieces! ). The LAUNCH is February 16th! Online only will you be able to purchase this collection, after that...February 23rd During our Re-Grand Opening you be will be able to purchase suits in house and try them on! After that they will be LIVE on the website to order your custom Color/Style- Remember we only have 2 fitting room stalls so try to prepare for your size and style before hand as that will aid in less commotion for all!

To me a few things I think of when thinking of a collection. Color for one. Then coordination. Then functionality. That's where "Set. Your. Soul. Free."- derived from. However there's so much more to the meaning. From being over weight "statistically" and designing swimwear, where I was thin my whole life. I've become more aware of standards and self love. Setting your soul free, in which whatever that means to you. Just know you're not alone, and more than likely someone else wants what you have. Setting your mind free to stop justifying every aspect of life & rather enjoy it for what it is.

Swimwear should show your personality, and I hope this collection shows mine right onto your skin! If we have similarities,GREAT! However the whole frekin collection is reversible and Mix n Match! So if prints are not your thing, you can get some solid color pieces too! Wait till you see the Meri-Gold color! Seems already to me a fav! Once the Grand opening is over you will be able to customize suits online in any color/fabric/style!

Do more of what makes you happy. And find your true soul.