Bargain Bling

Hello, Thank you for your interest in Bargain Bling.
This is a completely new concept and idea to create more use out of expensive and beautiful competition suits. 
We take only our brand Competition suit for Bargain Bling.
The process is simple and rewarding! You can sell your suit on your own but it can be hard to reach your targeted demographic.
With Zozobee Flexwear we have a base of women looking for Competition suits daily, plus a bargain! You can sell your suit for  Credit or Cash!
These are the steps:
Bring in the suit so we can examine the quality and construction. If it fits between our standards we would make an offer with you and we can discuss what you would like to sell it for as well.
We will take pictures of the suit & add it to our Bargain Bling Collection. It sits on our shelves and will be posted on our Social media (the original designer will not be mentioned on post for conflict of interest. BUT we will have the clients contact us for more info.) We do all the work! We will fit them and package it to sell.
Gone are the days of investing money on a sparkly bikini that you only wear once. We are here to let you RENT the suit of your dreams, or SELL that dream suit that to you, is no longer dreamy. 
Earn suit credit or CASH with those sparkly suits you have hanging around. Imagine your next fitness show where you can have a new suit each time! 
We have a system that allows us to give you credit towards a new suit at Zozobee Flexwear or get cash back. We also carry an array of other items here.
We take a percent of the sale as we have hosted your suit and made sure it sold to the perfect new Bikini Bee! Our percent is a low 35% of the final sale. you then can use the remaining credit towards a new suit or take a 50% cut and take the cash! Go buy some new shoes or Jewelry!
Lets break that down on a suit sold at $200.
Also depending on how long it takes to sell we can arrange other options for you to get into a new suit.

* We sell your Bargain Bling suit for $200- 35% cut, you would have $130 credit towards Zozobee/Battle Born Beekini items.

*We sell your Bargain Bling suit for $200 and you opt for cash, we split the cost and you would receive $100 cash.

*We sell your suit for $350- 35% cut, you would have $195 credit towards Zozobee items.

*We sell your suit for $350 but you opt for cash. You would get a 50% cut at $175

Clean out your closet of suits that are not being used! Get a new one today!
Please let us know if you have any questions! As this is a NEW system please work with us to work out kinks. We appreciate your business and interest in Bargain Bling here at Zozobee Flexwear.