Congratulations! Customizing your own suit is a rewarding time to reflect on your accomplishments, hard work and it’s the one thing you get to keep forever! Your handmade/custom suit will always be a reminder of everything you’ve worked hard for and everything you have achieved. This is one of the best parts of becoming a Fitness Competitor!

To begin customizing your suit, you will start by looking online at our website for ideas (you can always email with questions) and picking your options right from the computer! You can schedule an appointment by Email or phone at least 8 weeks prior to your show ($15 convenience fee for an in-person fitting). To allow for ample time to enjoy customizing your suit, your appointment will last approximately 25 minutes; which includes an initial fitting and consultation. Less than 8 weeks out you will be required to pay a rush fee of 10% of the suit value, less than 6 weeks out you will be required to pay a rush fee of 20% of the suit value. We have catalogs available online or in person with types of crystals and connectors, prices are available to help assist you in deciding on your suit.  All your information will be carefully recorded and kept confidential and will assist us while we travel down the road of creating a beautiful custom suit just for you!!

The fun is just beginning! As we begin to create your suit you can add as many crystals as you desire, choose your crystal color and decide on the connectors you want on your suit! The final price of your suit will depend on the type and amount of crystals and the style of cup you choose for your dream competition suit. At the end of your fitting you will be required to pay in full. Your suit is non-refundable as it is custom to you and we order the materials to make your suit as soon as the order is placed.

Once the last measurements have taken place and the suit has been approved all the crystals will be applied. Once the crystals are applied, we cannot alter the suit except for the hip tabs which can be adjusted by anyone with basic sewing knowledge. Please make sure you talk with your coach, trainer and federation for rules and regulations. It is your responsibility to know what federation you are competing in and their suit regulations. After you have taken the suit and signed off that everything is perfect there will be no returns or repairs without a fee. Once you receive your suit you may take it home, show your trainer and practice, practice, practice! If anything happens to the suit, that is on you, however we want your day to be perfect so please contact us if you need a follow up! If show dates change, please let us know! This is your time to shine and we're so happy to be a part of your journey!

Payment can be made by cash, debit/credit card or online. There is a NV state tax added to all transactions. No checks will be accepted. Please remember once you have made your selections, they are final, and we start the suit immediately. Please email zozobeeflexwear@gmail.com with any questions.

 Pictures may be taken of you in your on stage and used for but not limited to; business purposes, flyers, posters, digital, website and Social Media. We also may share your pictures if you choose to give permission.


*Zozobee Flexwear recommends ordering Competition suits at LEAST 10 weeks out no later THAN 8 weeks for shows in April - November.

Heavily detailed suits should be ordered at LEAST 10 weeks out if not more.

*We do have a rush fee if you need it sooner than 6 weeks out*

 The above is the ideal time frame to order a competition suit. We can accommodate last minute orders as well, however there is a rush fee, so always try to order in advance. Please Email us at Zozobeeflexwear@gmail.com if you have questions.

All our tops come with custom pockets in each boob to suit your cup size. Our standard tops are not sewn in place, which means you can adjust the top how you like on an adjustable string. This is the most popular method that works for most all of our girls. For smaller busts that are needing a push up we suggest a Molded cups which is available in all fabrics. Molded cups are sewn in place and not adjustable.


Zozobee Flexwear provides free alterations in hip size for the lifetime of your suit. You can also email or call us to help guide you should you ask a local seamstress to alter your suit for you (since shipping is extra). If you have any questions or concerns once your suit arrives, please do not hesitate to contact us ASAP so we can answer!

​Q & A

*Can I exchange my suit if I decide to change my mind?

-At this time we do not allow exchanges as the suit is custom made to your specific selections.

*Do you have pre made suits to choose from?

- Yes! On our website under Quick ships and in our showroom. You can schedule to come in or purchase from the website!

*Do you take payments?

-We ask that you pay in full as with any purchase from any store. However we are understanding and know its a big investment. We can arrange a 50% option.

*Can I add more crystals to my existing suit?

* Yes & No.... Yes if the suit is from us and there is space to add more crystals. No if it was not made by us and if the existing crystals make up a certain pattern or design not allowing it. The best option is to contact us and we can talk about the options!

*Can I change the cut of my bottoms or top?

-Before production yes, but know when you order it goes into production asap. If your suit has already been ordered then we can not alter the cut of the suit.


 *Do you add padding to the top?

-We decipher from the cup size and your info given if the top will need padding. We do offer padding upon request as there's no reason to give it out to everyone. We use a fluffy pillow stuffing to give a natural and full look.






It may be hard to pin point the colors you want on your suit.....


- Looking for something that is bright?  Choose to go with more crystal stones. 


-Looking for something that is more sleek & sexy? Choose to go with more tone on tone crystals  that blend with your suit. 


We are MORE than happy to surprise you with something out of this world gorgeous -  many of our clients just say "this is my budget, make it beautiful!!", and trust us, they are happy!!