FAQ- Beekinis

Battle Born Beekinis-


Can I pick up my order?

* Yes, during shop hours which vary and can be seen on our story feed. We like to ship items to keep things organized and timely for both parties.  *if your suit is left for more than 2 weeks it will be shipped automatically.

 Can I send you my measurements for a custom fit bikini?

* We do not take custom measurement's but to make sure you find the best fit for you please refer to our size chart.

 I need my bikini quick, can it be rushed?  

* You may request a rush on your order prior to ordering. There is a $20.00 rush fee on top of the total amount of your order.


I found a photo of a Battle Born Bikini but the fabric or style is not offered on the website, can I still purchase this bikini?

* If the fabric is not offered on the website chances are it was a print from a previous season and therefore I most likely do not have it any longer. The best way to score older patterns and styles is to attend on of our upcoming events, or visit our showroom locally. You can also find them under the Quick Ship Bikinis on the website. 


Why does the custom order process take so long?

* Each custom bikini is handmade to order. Once your order is placed the materials are purchased. We hand cut every piece of fabric, sew everything up on our own and we even brand and package everything in house. It is a lengthy process as we don't have fancy machines doing things for us and we are just a team of two!


I've already worn my bikini but I found an issue with it.

* That's unfortunate as we always double and triple check each piece to make sure they are perfect but we are human and mistakes can happen. Please check your order upon receiving it to make sure everything is perfect and there are no issues. Once it is worn there will be no exchanges, altering, or repairing.


Can you just alter my bikini instead of doing an exchange?

* Unfortunately once a bikini is made it is extremely hard to alter. With this being said, if your order comes in and you do not like the fit it is best that you send it back for an exchange of another size before wearing it.


I ordered the smallest, or largest size and it is too big/too small. Can I get a refund?

* Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for this reason. To prevent a situation like this please review our size guide before ordering as it has proven to be very accurate. If you're still unsure about sizing after reviewing our size guide feel free to contact us for help on styles that might work best for you.


I found a bikini style I like that you don't offer, can you custom make it for me?

* We do not take custom orders for measurements, styles, or fabrics. What you see on the website is what is currently being offered but we are always open to new ideas and love to get feedback and future style requests. So please send them my way!