Fabric Face masks



 Fabric Mask Covers! Thank you all for the amazing support, these are priced for supplies only, no profit. I do have all items on hand as I sew for a living ha ha, I am thankful to be able to help my Friends & Family. The price has been adjusted to help pay for supplies and time. Thank you for understanding.

NEW Design! Adjustable straps! So we can fit every head with out the headache of not fitting!

 Comes in a set of 2! Elastic stretchy ties. . These are to be used over your N95 masks so you can prolong them. The fabric masks are reversible so you get 2 designs/colors in one! They're washable and help protect you!

You can choose from Female designs, Male or Mix designs. They come as a grab bag for designs as certain fabric is limited. 


**If you order more than 2 masks for the email provided then you will be refunded. We want everyone to get a chance to protect them selves. We understand, we get it...the whole world needs one. This allows me to help multiple people, there is also a Bandanna option with ponytail rubber bands. I'll link the tutorial here!!


These are shipping within 7 days of ordering. because of the high volume it can be delayed.