Gold Wellness Suit Package

Gold Wellness Bikini (Three crystal colors)

This Gold Wellness Suit comes with THREE Crystal colors. I No hip connectors, just click "no connectors" in the drop down menu on the hips. Scrunch butt included!

  • *Fully Crystaled Competition suit
  • *Two crystal colors- Crystal colors
  • *Fabric Choice- Fabrics
  • *3 Connector Choices (No hip connectors) -Connectors
  • *Cup bust choice
  • *Glute choice- Sizes
  • Suit Case
  • Posing suit
  • Luxury Press on Nails
  • Show day Jewelry
  • Logo Tank top
  • Stickers
  • Travel Pee urinal 

If you add more crystal colors colors to the notes section I will have to email you to confirm that you understand, or we can go ahead and charge you for the upgraded crystals.