Luxury Press on Nails

Start by purchasing a Sample Size kit or By  measuring your nails with a tape measure. Use the MM measurement. Lay the tape measure across your nails and match it up to our size guide. Read through all the info offered her to make sure your size is correct.

Filing your press on nails to fit inside your cuticle shape, rather than covering it up with the nail is vital when it comes to getting good results from your falsies. Sadly, it's something not many of us do. It seems kinda long, and we're not totally sure we'll do a good job of it anyway, so we just pop them on as they are, and hope they don't fall off too quickly. This also means that the edges of the false nail are glued to the skin, not your natural nail. This will cause lifting, meaning that it'll get snagged on something soon enough, and then it's bye-bye gorgeous nail.

1. Choose your sizes.

Before you file anything, you need to choose the best sizes from your set. False nails usually come in sets of 10/12, (mine include 10,) so you don't have to file too much, and the spares can come in handy later on. 
You want to pick a size that will be about half a millimeter smaller than your cuticle once it's filed to match your natural nail shape. The sides are touching my cuticles a little, but once I've filed them down, this will fit perfectly.

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