PSL Posing Suit

Practice Posing Suit! 

This Fun Pumpkin delish posing Suit is so cute to NOT practice in! There is only 3 available. Bottoms are one size as they have adjustable side strings.

Top pattern may vary with piped edge or gold fabric. 

These are discounted from the original price as they are seasonal and premade. 

With contrast piped edges, adorned with small Crystal connectors (Connectors can vary) and adjustable side hip ties! Don't fret on posing, practice makes perfect! This suit is ideal for someone in prep and has not cut yet or is in the process so the adjustable tie sides work great! Ideal for someone who does not want to show off their show suit or has not gotten one! (Slackers!)

It is a Custom item and can take up to 14 days to process on top of 5-7 days to ship. We do not carry stock in these Bikini as they are custom from the sizes you choose.