Sizing Sample kit of Press on Nails

Sizing Sample kit

Sizing can sound scary and daunting when spending a pretty coin on fake nails. Let me walk you through the process! As a Licensed Nail tech for over 13 years, (yeah I am getting old haha) I can assure you that the process is quite simple. Once you know your size you then can order easier the next time.

This Sample kit includes All of our sizes of press on nails (Not always in the shape you want, just size) You then can take each nail and see how they fit your nail beds. Each nail will be labeled with a number which indicates what size it is. You would then write down your size starting with the pinky to thumb.


Pinky 8
Ring 5
Middle 2
Pointer 3
Thumb 0


It may take a little while the first time you do it, but as with anything, it gets much quicker and easier with a little practice. It also helps to write down your sizes for the nails & the nail shape so that you have a record of them for next time, especially if you wear press on's on a regular basis. Please feel free to send me your sizes once you know them, so you don't have to worry about forgetting where you wrote them. (As a bonus, this also means that you can ask me to custom size your nail set the next time you buy that shape.)

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